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What does ou shi style sofa feature have

2021-12-22 管理员 Read 266

Europe type style gets a person all along on the market chase after in both hands, carrying Europe type furniture also rising tide. In Ou shi furniture, sofa is one of the most representative works. Typical Europe type sofa should have what characteristic? What does Europe type style sofa feature have to tell you.

Europe type furniture is the important element that Europe type classic style decorates, with the furniture of Italian, French and Spanish style is main delegate. The continuation of the 17th century to the 19th century the characteristics of the royal family furniture, exquisite handmade fine cutting, carving contour and turning part is composed of symmetrical and rich rhythm curve or surface, and decorative plating copper, simple structure, smooth lines, colors, strong sense of art, give a person's overall feeling is showily elegance, is very solemn.

Tell from the Angle that builds atmosphere, Europe type furniture or the pursuit is solemn and grand, emphasize rational harmony is halcyon, or the adornment sex that pursues romanticism, the infinite fantasy that pursues irrreason, be full of drama and passion.

European sofa, as the name implies, is European style sofa, represented by British STVILLA Setwina, Italian SILK SILK, and other imported brands. Europe type sofa is the originator of sofa, come from the France of 17 centuries. Was due to the salon salon (in French general meaning for the large living room, and especially in high-class residential luxury saloon and gradually after referring to a appreciate art crystallization at the same time, to talk about art, play CARDS and chat), called a canape "and" divan "chair, also is the precursor of the modern sofa appeared. The sofa at that time basically uses the natural elastic material such as feather of hair of horse hair, bird, plant to serve as filling content, the fabric such as taste is masked with velvet, embroidery outside, in order to form a kind of soft human body contact surface.

The sofa of primitive simplicity and elegance, it is the recreational good place that nap after you are tired not only, dream, still can use it cleverly to deck your bedroom, bring for your sweet harbour of primitive simplicity and contracted and high and romantic other kind amorous feelings. Classic Europe type sofa, sunshine scattered on the floor, and every detail of the fusion gives a person the feeling of a kind of quality, although feel thick, but was not a bit depressed, as if a group of lithe and graceful the LeDian like bells, ringing in the ears, and as if the west's famous "green sleeves", woodwind duos echoed on the beam for a long time refused to disperse.

Complex line makes Ou shi sofa shows classical style, high, elegance does not break romantic temperament again, Ou shi sofa is mostly colour elegance, line is complex, unsuited for the bedroom that shows contemporary style. The frame is weighted with heavy structure. The perfect combination of iron frame and cloth art presents some special design feeling and looks very comfortable.

The origin that Europe type style sofa characteristic introduced Europe type sofa and characteristic in what. As a result of sofa appearance feature is more apparent, the household design that matches around so also has certain requirement. If the sofa and the surrounding style is not consistent, it is easy to appear abrupt situation.

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