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The cleanness of sitting room sofa and maintain

2021-12-22 管理员 Read 218

The maintenance of sitting room sofa

1, every week should be special for the sofa vacuuming once, regularly take out the sofa cushion in the balcony. If it is found that the cable head is loose, it should not be pulled by hand. It should be cut carefully and smoothly with scissors to prevent more serious disconnection.

2, usually to maintain indoor ventilation, so that the sofa can also "breathe", do not let dust block the pores of the sofa. Notice moistureproof, can cushion on sofa above sand hair towel protection is not dirty.

3, do not sit on the arm and back of the sofa, also avoid children bouncing on the sofa, it is easy to make the sofa lose elasticity.

4, to avoid letting children scribble on the sofa, pen, grease pen on the sofa left traces are very difficult to remove.

5, pay attention not to let the sun directly insolate the living room sofa, otherwise it will cause fading, but also do not close to the high temperature, easy to let the sponge in the sofa aging, also do not put the living room sofa in a place very close to the heating.

6, should avoid sharp or metal objects to contact the sofa, easy to scratch the surface of the sofa. And some people in the home smoking should pay more attention not to let cigarette butts and other fall on the sofa, burned sofa is difficult to restore beautiful.

Clean the sofa in the living room

1. You can buy some special cleaning agent for the sofa, and wipe it repeatedly in the dirty place of the sofa with a clean towel. When wiping, be careful to work from the outside of the stain into the inside. Then wipe the cleaner with clean water and cloth. But pay attention to if it is cloth sofa can not be wiped with too much water, otherwise easy to damp.

2. If the cover of the sofa is dirty, it can be removed and cleaned, but it can not be washed with water or bleached. It should be dry-cleaned.

3, usually should adhere to 10 months or so to clean a sofa, keep it clean. The sofa that some qualitative material uses water to wipe the likelihood leaves blemish, should insist to use vacuum cleaner to absorb the dirt of surface first.

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