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How does cloth art sofa choose and buy

2021-12-22 管理员 Read 249

1, see whether the sofa skeleton is strong: this is related to the service life and quality assurance of the sofa. The specific method is to lift one end of the sofa of three people, and pay attention to whether the leg of the other end is off the ground when the lifting part is 10cm away from the ground. Only when the other side is also off the ground can the examination be considered through.

2. Look at the quality of the filling material of the sofa: the specific method is to press the armrest and back of the sofa by hand. If you can obviously feel the existence of the wooden frame, it proves that the filling density of the sofa is not high and the elasticity is not good enough. The sofa wooden frame that is pressed easily also can accelerate sofa cloth to cover wear and tear, reduce the service life of sofa.

3, test the resilience of the sofa: the specific method is to let the body is free to sit on the sofa, the body is at least bounced up more than 2 times by the sofa cushion, in order to ensure that the sofa has good elasticity, and the service life will be longer.

4. Pay attention to the details of the sofa: open the zipper of the supporting pillow, observe and touch the interlining and padding inside; Raise sofa to see bottom processing is meticulous, sofa leg is flat, surface processing is smooth, whether the leg bottom has the detail such as cushion to prevent slip part. Good sofa also maintains delicate quality in detail part.

5. Feel the surface of the sofa by hand: see whether the surface stimulates the skin, observe whether the fabric color of the whole part of the sofa is even, whether the joint part is firm and smooth, and whether the work is fine.

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