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They make your love nest green in spring

2021-12-22 管理员 Read 230

The feeling of physical and mental comfort

Visible color, smell, and feeling is a deeper level of experience, "green" home is also reflected in environmental performance, low formaldehyde release, low VOC release...... Such a home brings the family a better life experience, and environmentally friendly furniture can bring the family this kind of physical and mental comfort enjoyment.

Look for environmental protection material: furniture is the most important if material, no matter be real wood or plank, see its formaldehyde content achieves E1 is E0 level even, ability accords with gb requirement.

See authoritative certificate: about environmental protection attestation, at present the highest standard in the country is China environment mark, still have furniture industry more authoritative China quality environmental protection product attestation (CQC).

Smell furniture smell: although smell smell cannot distinguish furniture environmental protection sex, but furniture peculiar smell is big, feel an eye sting even, proof furniture released volatile gas, need careful.

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